The new collection of sofas, inspired by the graceful and elegant pop-culture icon of the 1960s Audrey Hepburn and her stylizations with headwear, was designed by Magdalena Kasprzyca as part of ”The Grants for Design” program.
AUDREY’S sofa consists of four individual modules, with different forms of backrest. The collection also has a corner module, arm-chair and pouf, the size of which allows you to combine both the sofa and the armchair. The individual elements can be arranged in various combinations, for example a double sofa and armchair, a three-seater sofa with a pouf, a corner sofa or a sofa with various backrest configurations.

Available modules

AUDREY sofa is available in 6 colors of high quality upholstery fabric. There are two metal frame colors to choose from for each upholstery.

Designer and assistant of the furniture design studio at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw. She also studied at the Politecnica de Valencia in Spain and the Tianjin Academy of Art in China. Winner of Polish and international competitions. In recent years, she has gained extensive design experience in many fields, from furniture design to interior design and exhibition stands. Currently, she focuses on furniture design, which brings her the most joy and satisfaction.

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